Introducing Our Zapier Integration!

Streamline Your Workflow with Contact Enhance and Zapier

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Contact Enhance's integration with Zapier! This powerful collaboration brings the efficiency of Contact Enhance to your favorite apps and services, making your workflow smoother and more connected than ever.

With our Zapier integration, you will be able to automate tasks between Contact Enhance and over 3,000 apps, including CRM systems, marketing tools, and productivity platforms. Whether you're syncing contact information, triggering personalised outreach, or updating databases, our integration makes it effortless.

Key Benefits:

  • Automate and Connect: Effortlessly link Contact Enhance with the apps you use daily.
  • Save Time: Reduce manual data entry and focus on what matters most in your business.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Create custom workflows that suit your specific needs.

Experience a seamless integration that empowers your business with smarter, more efficient connectivity.

Use Contact Enhance with over 3,000 different applications using one or more of our ready made templates below:

Empowering AI-Driven Companies with Rich Data Insights

At Contact Enhance, we understand the pivotal role of high-quality data in powering AI algorithms. Our service is designed to provide AI-driven companies with a rich, multi-dimensional data stream that fuels smarter algorithms and more accurate predictions.

1. AI-Compatible Data Enrichment: We offer comprehensive contact and company data that seamlessly integrates with AI systems, providing the depth and breadth of information necessary for sophisticated machine learning models. From enhancing customer profiles to improving lead scoring algorithms, our enriched data sets the stage for advanced AI applications.

2. Tailored for Predictive Analytics: Our detailed contact insights, including career trajectories and social media footprints, are invaluable for AI-powered predictive analytics. Whether it's forecasting market trends or identifying potential business opportunities, our data provides the granularity needed for precise predictions.

3. Enhancing Personalisation Algorithms: With our extensive data on contact preferences, skills, and professional backgrounds, AI-driven companies can refine their personalization algorithms, delivering more targeted and relevant experiences to customers and stakeholders.

4. Continuous Data Updating for AI Relevance: We ensure that our data is not just comprehensive but also current, an essential factor for maintaining the effectiveness of AI systems. Regular updates mean that your AI models are always informed by the latest, most relevant data.

Image of a connected world

Supporting Ethical AI Practices: At Contact Enhance, we are committed to ethical data practices, ensuring that the data provided is not only powerful but also responsibly sourced and compliant with global standards. This commitment supports AI-driven companies in maintaining ethical standards in their AI applications.

Global Reach


With Contact Enhance's advanced capabilities, coupled with our extensive database of over 850 million contacts, we can ensure you have comprehensive insights at your fingertips.


Backed by an extensive index of almost 80 million companies, swiftly uncover and enrich associated data, providing you with in-depth insights into any corporate connection.

Global Reach, Personalized Connections: Access Over 850 Million Contacts

At Contact Enhance, we take pride in our expansive global database, featuring over 850 million contacts. This vast network is more than just a number; it represents a world of opportunities for our clients, providing unparalleled access to professional contacts across various industries and regions.

Contact Enhance provides a rich array of fields for each contact, including job title, location, skill set, social media profiles, direct dial numbers, and detailed company information, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your business connections.

From individual career details to extensive company data, Contact Enhance offers an all-encompassing solution for enriching and leveraging contact information, empowering businesses with actionable insights for every engagement.

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  • Data at Your Fingertips: Instantly enrich your contact database with comprehensive and accurate information.
  • Boost Your Outreach: Make informed decisions and tailor your communication strategies with enriched data.
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To integrate Contact Enhance into your system, you can use our API for seamless data enrichment. Here's an example of a standard API request:

POST /api/v1/contact-enrichment
Headers: {
Authorization: 'Bearer your_access_token'
Body: {
"email": ""

    "contactFirstName": "Duncan",
    "contactMiddleName": null,
    "contactLastName": "Gledhill",
    "contactJobStartDate": "2016-04-01",
    "contactJobEndDate": null,
    "contactJobTitle": "Founder",
    "contactTitleLevel": "Owner",
    "contactJobLevels": [
    "contactPersonalCity": "Lockton",
    "contactPersonalRegion": "England",
    "contactPersonalRegionCode": "Eng",
    "contactPersonalCountry": "United Kingdom",
    "contactPersonalContinent": "Europe",
    "contactSkills": [
        "Direct Marketing",
        "E Commerce",
        "Database Marketing",
        "Online Lead Generation",
        "Social Media",
        "Online Marketing",
        "Account Management",
        "Linkedin Advertising",
        "Mobile Marketing",
        "Business Development",
        "Digital Marketing",
        "B2b Marketing",
        "Lead Generation",
        "Integrated Marketing",
        "Online Advertising",
        "Affiliate Marketing",
        "Business To Business",
        "New Business Development",
        "Campaign Management",
        "Social Media Marketing",
        "Email Marketing",
        "Customer Acquisition",
        "Pay Per Click",
        "Marketing Communications",
        "Marketing Strategy",
        "Search Engine Optimization",
    "contactHeadline": "email marketing expert - email data | email delivery | email strategy | email outreach | email consultancy | email compliance | #emailguy",
    "contactLinkedinUrl": "",
    "contactTwitterURL": null,
    "contactFacebook": null,
    "contactBirthDate": null,
    "contactEducation": [],
    "contactExperience": [
            "title": "founder",
            "company": "",
            "startDate": "2011-01-01",
            "endDate": "Present"
            "title": "founder",
            "company": "emailmovers limited",
            "startDate": "2003-04-01",
            "endDate": "Present"
    "contactIsPrimary": true,
    "contactLastUpdated": "2023-09-01",
    "contactLinkedinConnectionCount": 501,
    "contactRecentJobChange": false,
    "contactDirectDialPhone": null,
    "contactDirectDialType": "",
    "contactPhone": null,
    "contactOfficeAddress": null,
    "contactOfficeCity": null,
    "contactOfficeState": null,
    "contactOfficeCountry": null,
    "contactOfficeZipCode": null,
    "companyId": "101386898",
    "companyHqName": "Contact Enhance",
    "companyHqAddress": "Thornburgh Road",
    "companyHqAddress2": null,
    "companyHqCity": "Scarborough",
    "companyHqRegion": null,
    "companyHqRegionCode": null,
    "companyHqPostalCode": null,
    "companyHqCountry": "United Kingdom",
    "companyLocalOfficeRuId": null,
    "companyLinkedinUrl": "",
    "companyDomain": "",
    "companyHqPhone": null,
    "companyemployeeSizeRange": "1-10 employees",
    "companyEmployees": 1,
    "companyRevenue": "510211",
    "companyRevenueRange": "$0 - 1m",
    "companyIndustry": "IT Services And IT Consulting",
    "companyPrimaryIndustry": "Information Technology And Services",
    "companySicCode4": "7372",
    "companyLinkedinFollowers": 26,
    "companyNaicsCode6": "541519",
    "matchedTo": "Email Address",
    "confidenceScore": "99%",
    "contactValidation": "INVALID",
    "id": "8f8bccad-f2c3-4a6c-a999-237b2df03fc8"